Video mapping for electronic concert

// Live mapping performance. Kunsthause Rhenania, Cologne, 2015 // The idea was to convert the pillared hall of the Rhenania Kunsthause into a scenario to include the viewer. In order to produce this effect, we carried out a mapping projection using the columns of the room and a screen at the back of the stage. In this way the performers and the audience found themselves in the in the midst of the action, as part of a play of light.Read more

Das Fest

Video edition for performance// Cecilia Molano. Berlin 2013. What do we celebrate? Why do we celebrate? How do we celebrate? Das Fest is a performance/ dinner where guests are invited to “work for the night” with a personalized Lebkuchen (a heart-shaped cookie). In Das Fest, the artists reflect on the idea of celebration, focussing on three different themes: power, praise and play. These themes are reflected in three different rooms. This video is a summary of the performance. fromRead more

Las Muchas

Video edition for performance// Cecilia Molano. Berlin 2013. Las muchas is a project of the Mao contemporary dance company, part of an ongoing work in progress over several months with a group of older women from a village in Mallorca. Our role is to accompany the process undertaken by choreographer Mariantònia Oliver, documenting through videos that are then played on stage. Vídeos de la pieza: Las Muchas – cia. Mariantònia Oliver from Mariantònia Oliver on Vimeo.   Las Muchas enRead more

Step on me // Interactive mapping

// Interactive video mapping. Berlin, 2013 // “Step on me!“ is a site specific sound reactive installation where steps are translated into changes in the mapping projection. The pressure on the floor is translated into movements of the mapped columns.Read more

Unestable Score

Video edition-dramaturgy for performance// Cecilia Molano. Fringe Festival Madrid, 2013. This project poses a joint exploration, together with the dancer Magdalena Garzón, of the relationship between stroke and dance, between line and movement, between scribbles and choreography or between the sheet of paper and the dance floor. Partitura Inestable 2013 from cecimolano on Vimeo. “Writing in dance” becomes a score, a choreography, in an attempt to fix what is -by nature- unstable and depends on the moment. Movement is therefore aRead more


  Video performance // Cecilia Molano // Aleppo (Bruselas)- Experiments Escènics a Canamunt. (Mallorca) 2015. What’s storylines? It is a one-to-one with members of the audience, but trying to keep a distance at the same time. Mediated distance. Interpret that distance. StoryLines from cecimolano on Vimeo.Vídeo de la performance. Storylines is a device, a device that mutates and use primarily to establish a relationship with another person (viewer, reader …) involved in the narrative far decided within the proposed framework. MyRead more

Choose my own adventure

Performance // Katrin Memmer and Cecilia Molano // Berlin- Kaskdenkondensator (Basel)- Frinje Festival (Madrid) 2012-2013. Choose my own adventure – or is it yours? Is a project that has two sides: the web and the real site. In the website project, users are invited to design tasks and experienceable proposals for a character, which they can write down at the blog during a week. Every day an idea is chosen and the video produced and posted on the web the followingRead more

La cena

La cena. Video of the Performance // Mallorca 2013 La Cena is a dinner/performance, which explores various relationships throughout the course of a meal. The relationship between host and guests, guests and guests, social codes and individual needs. It offers a sensual and palative journey along the lines of ingestion, digestion, absorbtion and defecation via excursions to video, text and dance. la cena from cecimolano on Vimeo. Let’s assume there is a strong connection between food and people, there is aRead more

4:48 Psycho

Vídeo of the performance // Círculo de Bellas Artes. Madrid 2011 The original piece (from Sarah Kane) is a project by Carlos Aladro and the theater company “Teatro de tránsito” , premiered in the Circulo de Bellas Artes (Madrid) In this case, the video was integrated in the scene in an almost invisible way, showing a clock running towards the fateful time as the title announce. Video editing of the performance:  Some images from the performance:  Vídeo resumen de la performance:  Read more


Video production // MEX (New York) 2009- Madrid 2010 // Cecilia Molano Beatriz Ortiz draws constellations and some times she seems to be part of one of them. Her constellations are systems that begins with spots that are joined with each other later on…. fractals, mirrors, crystals, thoughts, reflections … mantras, networks. These videos are a resume of her project in MEx, Brooklyn (2009) and Madrid (2010)   Constelaciones de Beatriz Ortiz en el MEx, Brooklyn, 2009. from cecimolano on Vimeo.Read more

Don Juan de Alcalá

Escenografía visual y operadoras de vídeo en directo para teatro // Cecilia Molano y Cristina Moreno. Madrid 2015. In the “Don Juan”, held every year in Alcalá de Henares, the challenge was to keep a closed communication with the public even though the impressive huge set up, with more than 3,000 people who congregate in this event. To achieve this, we combine live images collected by two cameramen and Cristina was responsible for editing in real time (by performing liveRead more